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How Positivity Shaped My Baseball and Engineering Career

By Trent Cormier on Sep 8, 2017

The reason I am writing about the act of being “positive” is because of how frequently it showed up in my life. Baseball was the first place in which I realized the importance of positivity. Then it was carried over to my engineering career

This lesson came from one of my biggest mentors known as my Dad, Ted Cormier. Although he never played baseball at a high level he sure did know the mental side of the game. He taught me that to be successful in not only baseball but in life you have to be positive; and not to hope, but know that you will make it happen. I have seen so many good athletes not fulfill their potential because of negativity. In baseball, if you were to have negative thoughts while trying to play, 9 out of 10 times you would get a negative outcome and vice versa with positive thoughts. I soon realized this lesson along with others that came from baseball also applied to real world situations.