A practical guide for making innovative choices on every engineering project

Our society is obsessed with innovation. From business to government to academia to media, innovation is a hot topic and a top priority in every sector. The number of books, articles, speeches, and YouTube videos on the subject is absolutely overwhelming. But for all of the attention paid to innovation, very few of us can answer two very basic questions about it: What is innovation? And how do you do it?

Engineers are familiar with this situation. Company leaders cite innovation as the solution to every challenge. How will we grow? Innovation. How will we compete? Innovation. It seems that If you want to be valuable to your company, you must think up a breakthrough idea that changes everything. These are admirable impulses. Innovations is essential to success. But if you belong to a typical engineering team, a request for innovation may seem confusing. You are given no tools or methods. The information you’ve received about innovation isn’t helpful, actionable, or even vaguely applicable to the products and processes that make up the bulk of your workload. 

This eBook aims to change that. Inside, we will answer those two basic questions above and offer a structured, repeatable process you can follow to make innovation part of your daily experience. In fact, one of the most important insights about this topic is that not every innovation is a paradigm-shifting breakthrough. As we will see, most innovations in engineering are everyday decisions that help make your product lighter, faster, easier to manufacture, or more profitable.