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Evaluate your career: Which would you rather? Freedom or security?

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Are you the caged lion who has security, free food, free shelter, and free medical care? Or are you the lion who has no guarantees but is truly free?

Do you want to work in an environment where you feel cared about? Bring freedom into your workplace every day. Take control.

The CASS System (Customer Alignment and Success System)

We designed a system that offers freedom to employees, allowing them to earn more money by taking control while making their own decisions, managing their own time, and taking ownership of more projects as they become more productive.

We call this the Customer Alignment and Success System.

This system showcases each project and assigned team members' compensation. Implementing this practice has rewarded the best talent and created more success/growth in companies.

Employees who are high performing and driven to make more money request to work on projects! These employees are the real free lions. They are motivated by the performance-based compensation and THEY get to decide how much THEY want to work. 

Why the CASS System works?

The average person today will spend about 90,0000 hours of their life at work. Unofficially, due to increasingly blurred boundaries between work and home, that number may be even higher.

In exchange for that time commitment, employers traditionally provided financial security. Employees often traded freedom and flexibility for the peace of mind that comes from a consistent paycheck.

The CASS System enables workers, on the other hand, to accept much more risk in exchange for greater autonomy and independence.

But the definition of a “job” is transforming, and a new generation’s expectations, combined with the dismantling of traditional organizational hierarchies, point to a new direction for the future of work, one that puts an end in sight to the longtime battle between freedom and security.

The most forward-looking, innovative organizations are those that can give their employees a sense of freedom, flexibility, and passion for working with the purpose and support of serving a greater mission.

What is the difference between security and freedom?

The difference between security and freedom is this:

Security means having someone to take care of you, and knowing that they will make sure everything works out in the end. Even though security offers a sense of "safety" it also opens the opportunity for employees to provide less excellent outcomes (for lack of a better word, mediocrity).

Freedom is believing that you can do anything you want because you are in control, and have the power to create change for yourself. Freedom enables employees to deliver excellent outcomes, driven by motivation and financial compensation.

Ask, “What can I do to most substantively impact the business? How can I change in order to add the most value possible?” Because any employee, any team member, or any partner who has this kind of perspective and puts this much energy into every day, will become a leader - a free lion.

And if you can learn to become a free lion wherever you are… you can become a leader anywhere, and that is true freedom

Autonomy in the workplace

Employers have little to lose when it comes to providing their staff with greater flexibility.

Workers who have more freedom in the workplace, and can be held accountable for their decisions, are happier and more productive than people who are restricted, according to a comprehensive literature review.

The problem, however, is that there’s no universal cross-cultural definition of autonomy. Autonomy can take many different forms. For example, some organizations let employees set their own schedules or choose how to do their work; others allow employees to work from home. No matter how autonomy is defined, when people feel they have more independence, the results are usually positive.

Potential benefits include greater employee commitment, better performance, improved productivity, and lower turnover.

“Autonomy is especially likely to lead to better productivity when the work is complex or requires more creativity,” said Marylène Gagné, a professor at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business in Montreal, Canada.

“In a very routine job, autonomy doesn’t have much impact on productivity, but it can still increase satisfaction, which leads to other positive outcomes. When management makes decisions about how to organize work, they should always think about the effect on people’s autonomy.”

Bring freedom into your workplace

Let us help you incorporate the CASS System into your business and turn your employees into free lions.

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About The StoneWall Group

At StoneWall Group, we are a platform company focused on helping its portfolio companies to unlock value. We provide hands-on management, leadership and infrastructure to all of our portfolio companies so that they can focus on delivering value to their customers.

Through our combined 35+ years of hands-on experience of building service companies, we have developed a unique and proprietary way of operating a service company.

Our model gives our companies a massive competitive advantage, rooted in our proprietary and automated CASS (Customer Alignment & Success operating system) which is the foundation of all our existing and future companies.