Do you need an engineering department but don't want the overhead?

In order to better serve our customers, StoneWall offers a Technical Support Membership to allow the engagement of our services and team on a whole new level! This membership allows for StoneWall to be utilized as an in house engineering department, without the overhead of maintaining the staff.
Sign up today! (Limited to 25 participants)

Included in offer:

  1. 24/7 Access to Engineering Support
    • Access and utilization of a high performance engineering team
    • Handle phone calls and emails that are technical and problem solving
    • 30 min or less tasks included in monthly cost
  2. Problem solving/Brainstorming Sessions
    • Access to engineering experts for problem solving or brainstorming meetings
    • Limit: 4 encounters per month
  3. Elevated Priority Status for Projects
    • Ensure project success with fastest time to market
  4. Project Specific Management Tasks
    • Vendor communications
    • Quoting
    • Technical support
    • Project management
    • Bi-weekly reporting
  5. Access to 3D Models Through web Interface
  6. Marketing and Branding Services

Additional Benefits:

  • Cost savings on bigger projects
  • Internal engineering department without the overhead