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Dissolvable Frac Plug Design: Product Optimization for Downhole Tools

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Stonewall was engaged by a customer in order to solve their issues with their current Frac plug. These issues included low hold pressures, tool slippage due to improper slip forces, and leakage due to improper seal design. Through unconventional design methods and engineering calculations we were able to optimize their downhole tool design to solve all of their current issues. This accomplishment has allowed for our customer to out perform their competition and win more work in their respective field. Below is a quote from our customer confirming the success. 

"....As we informed you before the holidays, we were gearing up to run our first plug runs for our operator on Christmas Day. We are excited to announce that we had a successful run with the current design and now have a plug that the operator is confident in.

This could not have been done without the design changes you provided us and we are forever grateful to you and your engineers for that help. With that being said, this was only a small trial run but this opens the door to other customers that were waiting for a successful run. The operator has also informed us that they will be awarding us multiple wells."


If you need help with your downhole tool design or Engineering Calculatiuonsplease click the link below to contact our engineering experts

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