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Recap Of Our Cipher Skin Demo At Stonewall Engineering

By Arturo Chinchilla on Aug 9, 2019

Cipher Skin's recent demo at Stonewall's Broussard location was a huge success!

Watch the highlight reel to see this amazing technology for yourself.

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Stonewall Debuts Latest Groundbreaking Health Monitoring Technology

By Arturo Chinchilla on Jul 16, 2019

[Lafayette], [LA] - Stonewall Engineering hosts Cipher Skin, who comes to Lafayette looking to expand into the area and showcase their newest products: an arm and a knee sleeve dedicated to athletic performance, as well as a pipeline sleeve for industrial application.

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Meet Success: The NXT-Air Liquide Membrane System

By Arturo Chinchilla on Jan 23, 2019

For us engineers, CO2 is bad, especially when found in good natural gas.

That's right, carbon dioxide.

As innovators, we are constantly eager to find solutions to our problems.

In this case finding means of removing the bad from the good, while focusing on capturing the 'big picture' - developing lean, innovative, profitable, high-performing and efficient solutions (like our friends The Water Scrooge).

Enter the NXT-Air Liquide Membrane System.

An extremely reliable, efficient membrane system offering excellent carbon dioxide removal from natural gas.

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From Napkin Sketch to Successful Innovative Solution

By Arturo Chinchilla on Oct 5, 2018

Innovation can be difficult.

As engineers focus more on technical excellence ,  they tend to find themselves disconnected from the commercial world or the end-users of their products.

To master innovation, you need the right mix of culture, technology, processes and inspiration —  this takes time and involves a unique team.

Right? - Does this sound familiar?

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Lafayette Engineering Firm Tries New Approach

By Blaine LaFleur on Jun 7, 2018

There are a number of engineering firms in Lafayette.  One that is still relatively new on the scene has a little different approach that seems to be working for them. 

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StoneWall | Free 3D Concept Design

By Blaine LaFleur on Jun 14, 2017


StoneWall is now offering free 3D concept designs for all eligible ideas. Sign up today to initiate the success of your product!

Included in offer:

Claim you offer here:

Free 3D Concept Design

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Wetland Restoration: Mud Barge Design

By Blaine LaFleur on May 16, 2017

Perceived Problem:

  • The only way to perform wetland restoration projects is with a Marsh Buggy. (Image below)
  • Operators have to settle with the lack of production of smaller Marsh Buggy type units.
  • Operators are must deal with the problems of transporting the bulky Marsh Buggy unit. 

 Free Download: Problem Solving Ebook

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Midland, Tx: Water Transfer Reel Design

By Blaine LaFleur on Mar 22, 2017

The Problem

A customer in Midland, Tx needed an unconventional solution to a common problem. StoneWall was tasked with designing that solution.  The problem involved the deployment and retrieval of layflat hose for water transport. Our customer needed a unique oilfield design that would be able to easily adapt to their current equipment. If you want to know how we can help you contact us below. 

Contact Us
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Do you need custom design to supplement your manufacturing?

By Blaine LaFleur on Mar 10, 2017

One of vendors needed just that. Gulfside Fabricators ( teamed up with StoneWall  to design and manufacture a coil tubing injector head. Want to know more about how these units are used? (Click Here)

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Rossi MagZilla: Downhole Magnet Design

By Blaine LaFleur on Mar 2, 2017

StoneWall teamed up with partners at Rossi Oilfield Services to design and manufacture a new line of downhole tools. This new design is optimized to provide maximum carrying capacity of ferrous metal debris. See below for more details! If you need support with your downhole tools click the link below to contact our team. 

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