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PES Core Value Champion: Tyler Cook

Tyler Cook - PES Champion

This quarter’s PES core value champion is one whose exceptional leadership skills are magnified by his optimism and his ambition. 

It is these qualities that have propelled him up the ladder of success so rapidly early on in his career, and it is why he garners so much respect from all his peers, coworkers, and customers. 

While his technical abilities and intelligence are nothing short of incredible, these qualities are dwarfed by his leadership, persistence, and get’r done attitude. 

near the top of the production board every month

Whether it’s picking up a brand new software and running with it, bringing in business all day every day, or just plain winning at everything he attempts, there is no surprise this guy is near the top of the production board every month. 

Because of his commitment to quality, his thoroughness in reviewing designs, and his unapproachable integrity, he exemplifies PES core value #3 Guarantee designs through entirety. 

The proof is in the pudding with this guy because all of his customers will follow him anywhere.  He believes that the ONLY MEASURE OF PERFORMANCE, IS PERFORMANCE ITSELF. 

Congratulations Tyler Cook

Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in congratulating this quarter’s PES core value champion, Mr. Tyler Cook.


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