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How The Hemp Industry Could Save Louisiana's Oil and Gas Sector

How The Hemp Industry Could Save Louisiana's Oil and Gas Sector | Stonewall Engineering

While south Louisiana has been struggling for the greater part of the last decade in the oil and gas industry, the future is looking bright for the rise in Industrial Hemp joining the Louisiana agriculture scene. 

Keep reading to discover how many of the same principles apply to both the harvesting and refining of both crude oil and hemp/cbd oil.

Louisiana Is Shifting It's Industrial Expertise

"Saving the Louisiana Oil and Gas Industry"... bold claim, we know. 

But hear us out.

As engineers, especially with expertise in manufacturing, unique strategies, and refining spaces - we see many similarities in drilling for and refining crude oil when placed along side of the industrial hemp harvesting and refining process.

CBD Manufacturing | Stonewall Engineering

The similarities between equipment and engineering for harvesting oil vs hemp

During its early years, when the oil and gas industry started, it was considered a very "cowboy" type of industry.

Minimal regulations and minimal rules.

The hemp and marijuana industries are very similar. Over time more and more regulations have been imposed on the Oil and Gas industry and everyone in this industry has had to adjust accordingly.

Being that the Hemp industry is going to see regulation come to it at an alarming pace, we have the experience to use what we have learned from the oil and gas industry to thrive in the up and coming hemp industry. 


Louisiana is full of manufacturing shops and experience that used to thrive on the fast-paced world of the oil and gas industry.

While the offshore oil and gas industry has slowed down, the experience of our manufacturing industry waits ready and willing.

Our workforce is looking for something to put their minds and hands to work on.

The hemp industry just might be the place to do it! 

Not to mention the existing infrastructure containing space, equipment, and technology. For example, the correlation in using a centrifuge for solids control vs using a centrifuge for hemp and CBD manufacturing.

Our friends over at Rotating Solutions know all about this. Check out their Blog: Everything You Need to Know About a Decanter Centrifuge

Everything You Need To Know About CBD Manufacturing | Stonewall Engineering

2. Engineering

Engineering expertise for the extraction and refining of oil is what our entire state is based upon.

Our design and engineering teams have spent decades upon decades designing and engineering the equipment, tools, and facilities to serve the extraction and refinement of crude oil.

This experience can easily be correlated to the extraction and refinement of hemp and cbd oil. 

3. Research & Development

Being that the oil and gas space has been such a rugged and dangerous industry for so long, it has been a playground for R&D in safety and advancing technology.

The fast-paced world with limited regulation has allowed for research and development to thrive.

Louisiana and Texas has more stories about companies starting in someone's garage or backyard than we would think any other state, or industry, could compete with.

This type of thinking and ingenuity is exactly what the hemp/CBD world is going to need as it attempts to scale to meet demand with our unique Louisiana climate and agricultural expertise.

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Why StoneWall Engineering is best suited for the new innovative Hemp Industry

We are the innovative team the hemp world will need to scale to meet our growing demand.

New methods, tools, strategies, and technology will be required for adequate production that is not only safe and effective, but time and budget efficient.

This is what we do on a daily basis.

Our skill sets in traditional facility engineering, coupled with our experience in the food and beverage industry and our continual innovation will be exactly what is necessary to be successful in the hemp world. 

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