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Moores Machine Shop Introduces Sanissential

Moore's Machine Shop is excited to bring to market the new norm, an industrial sanitation station. 

Keep reading to discover all the benefits of this incredible dispenser. 


KATC recently spotlighted us in their We're Open Series: We're Open: Moore's Machine Shop. Check out the video below.






What is Sanissential?

The Sanissential is more than just a portion control hand sanitizer dispenser.  It is a bridge - that will help you lead your employees and your customers into the new normal. 

From concept, design, to engineering, StoneWall has operated as the gateway to the Sanissential engineering design journey.


patent-pending tooL

This patent-pending tool is unlike other hand sanitizer dispensers on the market, the Sanissential Industrial Sanitation Station is tough.  It is built to stand up under the most challenging of conditions.  This durable, freestanding unit holds 2 gallons of liquid gel. 


Professional Standards

These stations are built with SAE 316L Stainless Steel throughout.  When cleanliness is of the highest importance, stainless steel is the first choice.  The Sanissential is a great fit for hospitals, labs, food processing facilities, and many other selective customers.  

Ideal for high traffic locations

We all recognize the need for hand sanitation in public spaces.  The Sanissential is a robust solution that will deliver the results you expect.

Deminsions For The sanissential

  • Height - 49.109"

  • Width - 8"

  • Depth - 8.218"

  • Base- 24" x 24"

  • Weight without sanitizer - 60 lbs

  • Weight with sanitizer - 80lbs




  • Sleek and attractive Stainless Steel finish

  • Durable, freestanding unit (mounting options available by request)

  • Weighted base keeps stand in place

  • Foot operated

  • Locking storage compartment allows quick access to additional sanitizer


ABOUT Moore's machine shop

Moore's Machine Shop, located in Broussard, La., is a full service machine-shop specializing in the oil and gas industry.

They work with both high volume production and small lots in a wide variety of materials from carbon and alloy steels through ductile and grey irons to aluminum, carbon fiber, plastics, and high-temperature alloys. Contact Moores Machine Shop, a precision machining API Q1 9th Edition Compliant company, for all your machining, drilling, honing and straightening needs.

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