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PES Taps Sean Mallory as Chief Value Officer

PES Taps Sean Mallory as Chief Value Officer

PES has recently announced that it has named Sean Mallory as the company’s Chief Value Officer.   Mallory has been with PES for over 11 years and has been its leading sales representative for the past 6.  He has been responsible for successfully coordinating the PES sales message through the company’s recent acquisitions. His role will be ensuring that the PES sales team has the tools necessary to deliver the PES value pricing sales message and ensuring that PES is providing the appropriate value pricing for customers.

Natural Leader

“Sean is a natural leader that people will follow into battle anywhere.  His enthusiasms are infectious, and he raises the bar for all of his coworkers around him.  He is a true believer in our innovative approach at PES that drives timely solutions to create extreme value for our customers so that we both can be successful.  His ambition and drive are eclipsed only by his desire to help others succeed.  Whether it be friends, customers or coworkers, Sean is just a top notch guy that everyone enjoys being around.”

Clayton George, PE - CEO of PES

Expanding PES' Footprint

Sean’s role in the organization has been instrumental in expanding PES’ industry footprint into the mining, commercial construction, architectural, and lithium extraction industries.  He has been a part of the PES organization since day one and has greatly contributed to the rapid growth of the organization.

“Sean is a guy that I want on my team.  All he knows how to do is win!”

Tyler Cook, PES - Operations Manager

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