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StoneWall and FedEx - Help Us, Help You!

StoneWall and FedEx Small Business Grant Contest

Help us earn the 2020 FedEx Small Business Incentive!


Help us achieve our goals!

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What is the FedEx Small Business Incentive?

We've dreamed it, we've built it, and now we're vying for a grant to move their business forward.

We are participating against a range of small businesses and inspiring entrepreneurs from across the U.S - for a chance to win up to $50,000.

The Top 100 finalists will be revealed March 16, and we’ll announce the winners May 4.

Stonewall and FedEx Small Business Grant

How can this benefit help us?

If we should win, the money would be used to add resources to our learning center.

We believe that building better people starts with building competency.

We have begun building a lab where our engineers, designers, & drafters can physically get hands on in learning manufacturing principles including: welding, machining, fabrication, etc.

With the FedEx grant money we would further our lab capabilities, hence furthering our people’s competency, hence building “better people”.

What inspired Us to get into it - what makes Us stand out and how it impacts US, Our community or the environment.

Stonewall was founded upon relationships.

There was a very early realization that people are the most important assets in this world, whether they are customers, employees, neighbors, or strangers.

FedEX grant money would be used to add resources to our learning center.

Stonewall’s vision is based upon building better engineers, or more broadly speaking better people.

This is done by first building strong relationships, such that people feel welcomed into a challenging, yet comfortable learning environment.

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Stonewall Engineering Broussard LA

From conceptdesign, and engineering, to project management and integrity services. We are your gateway to your journey's engineering endeavors. Including oil & gas, hemp & CBD, and food industries.

Providing services focusing in Facilities Engineering, Turn-Key Solutions, Hemp Facilities, Food Plant Engineering, Manufacturing, Engineering Services and Drafting & Design.

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