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Bellard & Associates and PES Announce New Engineering Merger

Facebook - Featured Image - PES (4)Bellard & Associates has merged with PES and has moved their offices to 124 Heymann Blvd and the new company will operate under the PES’ infrastructure. 

Structural engineering experts

Extending our resources and outreach to better serve you

"I am extremely excited to announce that Bellard and Associates has merged with Practical Engineering Solutions, LLC with the purpose of extending our resources and outreach to better serve you.

The opportunities with this merger to better serve you are extremely vast and quite remarkable.  Our professional expertise in the structural arena, attention to detail, on-time deliveries, and the stellar reputation of our team will be coupled with the extensive resources, cutting edge technology, and marketing/sales outreach of Practical Engineering Solutions, LLC.

Practical Engineering Solutions, LLC, a predominantly mechanical engineering, was seeking a structural engineering group to join their firm in providing structural engineering services within their organization in the commercial and industrial markets.    

My structural staff, within the Practical Engineering Solutions, LLC group, shall continue to provide commercial structural engineering services on your projects in the timely and professional manner that you are accustomed to. 

Our structural group, along with PES’ team, has been greatly strengthened through this merger and I look forward to continue working with you personally for years to come!"

Rusty Bellard - Bellard & Associates Owner & President

Civil Engineering Services

Industry diversity

The merger adds a ton of diversity into different industries that makes the combined organization MUCH healthier.  Industries include:

    • Commercial Construction Structural Industry (schools, hospitals, office high rises, etc.)
    • Mining Industry
    • Alternative Energy (Lithium, Solar, Wind)
    • Oil & Gas industry
    • Commercial Signage

extensive resource pool and technology

“I am extremely excited about this merger because it adds a completely new industry that PES can help serve with our extensive resource pool and technology.  Rusty has built an incredible business over the last 40 years and we are proud to be a part of it.  His reputation in the industry is second to none”

Tyler Cook - PES Operations Manager

Better together

PES brings its state of the art technology and organizational support that fits very well with Bellard and Associates recent technology upgrade to Revit.

PES brings its extensive resource pool and sales force that will aid very well in the growth in this new industry.

Bellard & Associates brings an extremely impressive resume with its top-notch talent and incredible reputation in the structural commercial industry.

Both groups are strengthened by this merger and the union will add up to much more than the some of its parts (example: we are not just stacking up our customers, PES can now offer more services to its existing customers, and Bellard can help PES with our current structural work).

we are excited to now apply our skillset

“I cannot wait to get to work with Tyler and his team.  PES has customers in several industries that we are excited to now apply our skillset.  Their sales outreach is grown quite significantly over the past few years and we are excited to be a part of it.  I am not going anywhere anytime soon and I look forward to serve all of my existing customers as well as the long list of customers that PES has."

Rusty Bellard - Bellard & Associates Owner & President

Practical Engineering Solutions


About Practical Engineering Solutions

Practical Engineering Solutions will always be dedicated to providing top-notch customer service to meet our industry demands.

We set ourselves apart with our consistency and timely turnarounds. We are always committed to being responsive to our clients, KEEPING OUR PROMISES, making delivery schedules, and standing by our designs!

From conceptdesign, and engineering, to project management and integrity services. We are your gateway to your journey's engineering endeavors. Including oil & gas, hemp & CBD, and food industries.

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