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Introducing Our Newest Member: Talia Randazzo

Introducing Our Newest Member: Talia Randazzo | Stonewall Engineering

We're elated to welcome more talent to our team: Talia Randazzo!

New Business Development Role!

Talia Randazzo joins the StoneWall team to serve in a position of Business Development.  

"Stonewall has given me the opportunity to utilize all of my skills in a Business Development role.

With my degree in engineering, my background in building relationships, and being familiar with time and project management I believe I can be a valuable asset to Stonewall."

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Adding Value to OUr Team

Talia's education and experience serves to strengthen and advance StoneWall's relationships! 

"The purpose of my role is to build new relationships that Stonewall can serve.

I will work closely with the engineering team to initiate relationships and manage Stonewall's clients.

I will create new client leads and project opportunities for Stonewall and own the future development of those generated leads."



  • SolidWorks and force analysis calculation

  • Designing a 40 ft. Naval vessel cradle while alongside Naval Architects for Metal Sharks Boats 

  • Project management over collegiate-level engineers: serving the advancement of the University of Louisiana, Lafayette

  • Autonomous ROV launch and recovery system design

  • Vessel schematic and design creation via AutoCAD

  • 7 + years Public Relations experience 

Welcome aboard, Talia!

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