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PES as part of the 3Dexperience Modeling & Simulation Conference


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This year’s virtual 3DEXPERIENCE Modeling & Simulation Conference focused on game-changing technology from CATIASOLIDWORKS and SIMULIA, inspiring managers and leaders to design and innovate the next generation of products on one business platform.

Our very own Tyler Cook formed part of this conference as a featured panelist of the panel discussion "Value Up Journey: MODeling on SOLIDWORKS and Simulating on 3DEXPERIENCE".

About the Discussion

This global virtual conference empowered attendees to truly absorb the benefits of moving to an integrated design and simulation approach that cannot be achieved with disconnected tools.

As part of this event, attendees were able to experience:

Keynote speakers from large OEMs showcasing the benefits of modeling and simulation (MODSIM) and how it helps future-proof design strategies. They also witnessed panel discussions with users who are in the process of moving to a MODSIM approach. And lastly, attendees were able to witness demonstrations of industry workflows, putting MODSIM to the test.

The event featured guests with different backgrounds and experience, including

  • Influencers wanting to improve productivity and collaboration during product development
  • Leaders interested in business sustainability and breaking down silos within the design process
  • Vice presidents, managers, and professional engineers looking for real-world examples of how to innovate and transform their operations


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides sophisticated technologies and solutions for multidisciplinary design, modeling, multiphysics simulation, and optimization.

The MODSIM environment ensures a single source of truth for data and maintains data compatibility at all times. It provides benefits such as parametric and automated modeling, engineering templates, and associativity between design and simulation data.

The same base model is used for multiphysics simulations such as structures, fluids, electromagnetics, and multibody dynamics. Users can easily manage multiple design variants and perform design trade-offs. These features lead to faster decision-making and robust product development.

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