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Introducing the PES Training Program

PES Training Program - Engineering and Design

Are you ready to learn real-world designing and engineering applications? Then this is for you!

The PES training programs are designed by industry experts to give you the real-world experience you need to champion your career goals.

Learn more on how to apply to our training program to gain practical experience and tryout for positions in our network.

Who is thE PES Training program for?

We are looking to find the most talented (more importantly motivated) designers and engineers out there to bring into our incentive based workforce.

  • Are you ready to make a HUGE financial leap in your career with our extremely lucrative incentive-based workforce?
  • Are you an entry-level college intern ready gain tangible experience?

If so, we have training programs for both stages in your career!

We offer two training programs to help provide more granular experience based on what career you're looking to enter.

1 - Practical Engineering

This program is for talented (more importantly motivated) professional engineers out there to bring into our incentive based workforce.

The program is dedicated from interns and entry level engineers to experienced and senior engineers.

2- Design Training

The program is also dedicated for designers and drafters who are looking to get practical real-world experience needed to succeed in their career goals.

What can you expect from the PES Training Program?

The program consists of a series of educational videos with practical engineering and design training. These educational videos present practical engineering concepts, design exercises, and drawing training tasks.

Where is the training program completed?

Applicants come into PES and use our workstation to execute the program from our server - allowing training and results to be generated in a practical manner.

How long does the training program take?

The program time-lapse is about 3-4 hours and their work would be graded after.

What are the benefits of the PES Training program?

Is the PES Training Program right for you?

  • Are you ready to make a career change and seeking for practical experience?
  • Are you an entry-level college intern ready learn more about the real world and practical challenges?

Learn more about the real-world designing and engineering applications.

Sign up today!

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