Mechanical Engineering in Today's Technology Climate

Posted by Mark Dunbar on Aug 30, 2018

Mechanical engineering is likely the most vital industry to humankind. As population grows, the needs of humanity grows with it. As technology progresses, more and more needs become within reach through modern engineering.

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WEBINAR: New Developments For Faster, More Cost-Effective DNV Container Certification

Posted by Blaine LaFleur on Jul 23, 2018

An introduction to planned updates to DNV GL’s 2-7.1 Standard for Offshore Containers and our new container certification service.

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How CAD In The Cloud Is Changing Engineering

Posted by Blaine LaFleur on Jul 7, 2018

The way we engineer and design things is rapidly changing with the onset of cloud computing. It isn’t necessarily a new technology, rather it has only recently reached a level that can be adopted and utilized on a grander scale. Cloud computing is allowing CAM and CAD to be done on remote supercomputers. This means that engineers and designers no longer have to rely on a powerful machine in their office if they want to run groundbreaking simulations or create intensive designs. Storing much of a CAD software’s computing power off site also allows for better efficiency in data and power management.

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Winning Bids: Using Technical Expertise and Relationship Skills to Build Success

Posted by Blaine LaFleur on Jun 20, 2018

Achieving technical excellence in a company’s chosen field is a commendable goal, but technical excellence means nothing if it doesn’t translate into business success. When a company’s goal is to provide technical services and products, especially engineering and innovation services, to customers it is vital to be able to win the confidence of potential customers in the bidding process.

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How To Use Design Thinking For Better Meetings

Posted by Blaine LaFleur on Mar 7, 2018

Sometimes, when I sit in meetings, especially ones in which people don’t seem engaged, I calculate the cost in staff time. I’ve estimated that one standard weekly meeting in my engineering firm — 5 people sitting in a cookie-cutter conference room, looking both bored and anxious — costs around $77,000 annually, and surely this scenario occurs throughout the organization hundreds of times a month. It drains us, and it breeds cynicism. So many meetings are lost opportunities.

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What Engineering Skills Modern Engineers Need To Know

Posted by Blaine LaFleur on Jan 16, 2018

Your job description is changing. Are you changing to keep up with it?

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