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PES Achieves Faster Simulations and New Business with 3DEXPERIENCE Works


Practical Engineering Solutions (PES), a Louisiana-based design and engineering consultancy that lives up to its name. Established in 2010, PES distinguishes itself from its rivals through its strict standards and procedures. PES provides dependable outcomes with speedy turnarounds and punctual deliveries.

In late 2021, PES was tasked with constructing a ramp to load and unload 40′ containers from a cargo ship. The ramp was mounted at the stern and weighed about 350,000 pounds. It was divided into three primary weldments.

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The challenge was beyond PES's existing simulation tools. Furthermore, the customer required the project to be completed within six weeks. The problem was too big for our existing simulation tools,” recalls Operations Manager Tyler Cook. “Complicating matters was the fact that the customer needed the project to be completed in six weeks.”

“With the clock ticking, we were really stuck, because acquiring Ansys® simulation software, which we had some experience with, as well as a server to provide the [extra] computing power that this problem required, would take additional time to set up,” Cook continues. “That’s when MLC CAD Systems, our SOLIDWORKS® provider and reseller, told us about 3DEXPERIENCE® Works Simulation.”


The 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation tools, which utilize Abaqus® technology, are designed to take advantage of the computing resources available on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This feature allows companies to maximize computational speed without having to purchase additional hardware. To achieve this, PES acquired the Structural Performance Engineer and Durability Performance Engineer roles within 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation, along with the SOLIDWORKS connection to the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

3D Rendering of PES full stroke scissor lift - 3DEXPERIENCE Works

PES chose to utilize the 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation tools because of their integration with SOLIDWORKS, which enabled them to be used quickly without the need for additional hardware. Additionally, the solver runs in the cloud, freeing up local computing resources. PES also appreciated the platform's ability to handle complex, large structure, nonlinear, and fatigue simulations. The solutions relied on the industry-proven and highly esteemed Abaqus solver, which provided added confidence in the accuracy of the results.


3D rendering with simulation of PES A-frame - 3DEXPERIENCE Works


Reducing Time to Market: Fast Turnaround with Accurate Results

PES has achieved impressive results since adopting 3DEXPERIENCE Works. They have been able to conduct advanced simulations more quickly and affordably, thanks to the cloud-based platform's advanced algorithms and computing power. The platform has also enabled PES to complete several rush projects on time, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and repeat business.

We’ve executed more projects that require analysis power with 3DEXPERIENCE Works simulation solutions, including a scissor lift rated for 30,000 pounds, a stern-mounted A-frame, and optimization of a coil tubing injector design for a large oil and gas client,” Cook notes.“

In each case, we were able to affirm our reputation for fast turnarounds because solving simulations in the cloud is faster and more efficient,” Cook adds. “And because 3DEXPERIENCE Works simulation solutions utilize the Abaqus solver, we have no hesitation in taking on challenging and difficult projects because if we can’t solve it with the Abaqus solver, no one can.”

Generate More Business

In addition to these benefits, PES has also experienced significant growth in revenue, with an increase of more than 30 percent in the first year of adoption. This growth is due in part to the enhanced speed and accuracy of PES's simulations, which has given the company a competitive edge in the market and helped them win new business.

“Solving simulations in the cloud has been critically important for winning [additional] business because we can’t run these types of large, computationally intensive analyses on our computers,” Cook continues. “We’re known for being fast and accurate, so having 3DEXPERIENCE Works simulation solutions and the Abaqus solver in the cloud is helping us extend that reputation to more challenging projects and grow our customer base.”

3DEXPERIENCE Works: Scaling Simulations Easily and Affordably

Another benefit of using 3DEXPERIENCE Works is the ability to increase simulation capabilities and computing power without significant investments in hardware. With traditional simulation software, scaling simulations can be a time-consuming and expensive process that requires significant hardware resources.

However, with 3DEXPERIENCE Works, PES can scale simulations up or down quickly and easily, depending on their needs, without the need for significant hardware investments. This feature has enabled PES to take on larger and more complex projects, resulting in increased revenue and profitability.

Optimize Product Development and Cut Costs with PES's Advanced Simulations.

PES offers comprehensive marine engineering services to help clients conduct larger, nonlinear, and more advanced analyses and simulations, resulting in faster project completion and increased business opportunities. By adopting 3DEXPERIENCE Works, our Professional Engineers can provide clients with access to powerful computing resources without the need to acquire additional hardware, resulting in significant cost savings.

With PES's advanced simulations, clients can identify potential issues before production begins, leading to improved product designs and reduced production costs.

If you are looking to enhance your product development capabilities and reduce costs, contact us to learn more about our innovative solutions.

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