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Stonewall and PES Announce New Engineering Merger

Stonewall and PES Announce New Engineering MergerOver the past five years, StoneWall and PES have been on their own paths each building an organization that would try and redefine the engineering services world.

Now they are merging to do it together.

Engineering Synergies

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

Our synergies will allow us to better serve our existing customers

“Our synergies will allow us to better serve our existing customers and drastically increase our capacity for new business opportunities."

Clayton George - President of PES

Given all of the slowdowns.. it is perfect time to merge efficiently

“We have been working on this merger, for a little over three years now, and are truly grateful to finally be able to get this done.

Given all the slowdowns in people’s lives right now, it is perfect time to merge efficiently, with the lowest risk to our customers success… remotely that is!”

Blaine LaFleur- SW-Founding Partner

We are NOW much more equipped to create the organization we all envision

“As soon I as met Clayton, I knew he would be a great fit with us! We are truly excited to be able to merge with him and the PES team. I know our combined engineering design and drafting teams will thrive under his leadership.

Excited to be able to truly merge and co-create something great. We are NOW much more equipped to create the organization we all envision”

Ben Moody- SW- President and CEO

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Perfect fit and the perfect time

Keep reading to discover some of the deciding factors as to why we think this is the perfect fit and the perfect time.

Delivering a product never available before

"The innovation, creativity and experience of Stonewall coupled with workflow automation, process consistency, and productivity of PES will deliver a product never available before.”

Clayton George - President of PES

scale for our growing customer base and their larger projects.

“Due to our quick growth over the past years, SW lacked good systems and process to help us be more efficient. I knew that because of this, SW may not be able to serve its customers and employees to the best of its ability, and we needed to fix that. PES is the solution.

Clayton and the PES Team have spent the past 10 years developing efficient processes and systems with productive workflow automations.

These are a huge asset as we will continue to scale for our growing customer base and their larger projects. We are grateful for the partnership, and excited for where we are going in the future together. “

Ben Moody- SW- President and CEO

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How Stonewall and PES Plan To Redefine The Engineering Space

We believe that there is a better way to provide professional engineering, drafting, and design services. The old way of engineering firms WILL die and will become obsolete in this ever-changing new world market.

Our focus on maximizing and co-creating value for our clients and employees will allow us to thrive in this new environment.

Our strategic partnerships with George BI, and Vested Marketing help us accomplish this, in a way that has never been done before in the engineering space.

Adapt and Merge Unique Offerings

We believe that by adapting and merging our unique offerings that we will be able to not only survive, but really thrive in this new emerging oil and gas space, as well as the other industries we serve.

While others in our industry are paralyzed with the fear of becoming irrelevant, we see a new horizon, an untapped frontier, gushing with opportunity!

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