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5 Facts About the PES Training Program

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At PES, we have developed a competitive system for all of our employees.  This system was designed to drive the right decisions through transparency and competition.

Our programs are designed by industry experts to give you the real-world experience you need to champion your career goals.

Apply to our training program to gain practical experience and tryout for positions in our network.  Interested to learn a few facts about our tryouts?  Let's dive in.

1. You Learn Design Practical Skills

Designers must be concerned with not only making products that look good, are easy to use, and safe: they also need to ensure their products can be made cost-effectively and efficiently. Some typical tasks that drafters accomplish may include:

Learn Design Practical Skills

2. You Learn Engineering Practical Skills

Developing soft skills, like effective communication and relationship-building, can be a challenge for engineers.

Entry Level Engineers

The PES Training Program is dedicated to interns and entry level engineers who are looking for ways to expand their curriculum experience.

Senior Level Engineers

The PES Training program is designed for senior level engineers who are looking to work their way up through the ranks.

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3. You Learn Real Life Problem Solving

The PES Training Program is designed by industry experts to give engineers the real-world experience they need to champion their career goals.

This program is for talented (more importantly motivated) and engineers out there to bring into our incentive based workforce. 

4. Produces Team Accountability

With a completely transparent system that displays each employees compensation and performance, the culture incentivizes team collaboration so everyone can make more. This drives each and every employee from sales to operations to know the decisions to make that benefits the individual as well as the company.

PES Training Program Benefits

5. Compensate the Best Talent

Our system shows which project a team member worked on and provides an estimate for the value of their contribution.

Using this practice has rewarded the best talent and created more success / growth in our company.

Employees who are high performing and driven to make more money request to work on projects! They are motivated by the performance based compensation and THEY get to decide how much THEY want to work and make. 

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PES will always be dedicated to providing top-notch customer service to meet our industry demands. We set ourselves apart with our consistency and timely turnarounds. We are always committed to being responsive to our clients, KEEPING OUR PROMISES, making delivery schedules, and standing by our designs!

From conceptdesign, and engineering, to project management and integrity services. We are your gateway to your journey's engineering endeavors. Including oil & gas, hemp & CBD, and food industries.

Providing services focusing on Facilities EngineeringTurn-Key Solutions, Downhole Tools, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Commercial Construction Design and Engineering, Direct Lithium Extraction, and Drafting & Design.


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