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Hydro-Firing Tool: Patent Pending with a PE Stamp from PES

The First Down Oil Services hydro-firing tool is patent pending and has a PE stamp from Practical Engineering Solutions. This hydro-firing head is a 2-in-1 solution that allows you to pump a full column of cement immediately after the bridge plug is confirmed set. You'll notice that the tool activates a standard wireline pressure setting tool that can now run on pipe, shearing the plug instantly without multiple excessive pressure.


There are several challenges with the current method of hydro-firing bridge plugs. The process is time-consuming, laborious, and expensive. It was this assessment that lead First Down Oil Services to develop a faster way; easier way; and less expensive way.

Conventional Tool Vs. First Down’s Hydro-Firing Head

Convention Tool

  • Multiple pressures are applied to set.
  • Tension pulls are required to release.
  • Must be set in clean fluids.
  • Over pressuring will damage tool.
  • Tool must be sent in for rebuilding.
  • Tool is transported in baskets.

First Down’s Hydro-Firing Head

  • Single pressure applied to set.
  • Instant, automatic shearing from tool.
  • Can be set in dirty fluids or heavy mud.
  • Over pressuring will not damage the tool.
  • Easily rebuilt multiple times on location.
  • Tool is transported in hand carry case.

2 in 1 Solution

The Hydro-Firing Head provides a 2-in-1 solution that allows you to pump a full column of cement immediately after the bridge plug is confirmed set.

  • Shortest BHA in the industry (59 inches)
  • Suitcase size allows for simple mobilization
  • Can be used for multiple settings
  • Can be rebuilt on location within 5 minutes

The tool activates a standard wireline pressure setting tool. This is a tool that can run on pipe. It will shear the plug instantly without any multiple excessive pressures and tension pulling or possible auto-fill valve failures.

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PES (Practical Engineering Solutions), located in Lafayette, Louisianaprovided PE review/stamp and mechanical engineering services on this project. PES will always be dedicated to providing top-notch customer service to meet our industry demands.

We set ourselves apart with our consistency and timely turnarounds. We are always committed to being responsive to our clients, KEEPING OUR PROMISES, making delivery schedules, and standing by our designs!

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