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IQ Scan Technology Revolutionizing the Downhole Tool Market

IQ Scan Technology Downhole Tool Fortress ifortress

Fortress Downhole Tools (Fortress) and IQ Scan® Technology (IQ Scan) announce the execution of a worldwide exclusive License Agreement specific to downhole tools in the Energy Sector and will be marketed under the iFortress trademarked name.

What is IQ Scan?

The innovative asset management solution developed by IQ Scan combines a 2D laser-engraved coding system with a robust cloud-based software platform to deliver a complete tracking solution of durable assets from cradle to grave.

The iFortress technology has capabilities to track the number of runs on wireline setting tools or calculating run time efficiencies on a fleet of fluid ends, thus giving our customers the knowledge to make key decisions and gain critical insights
into the usage and life expectancy of their assets.

“We are delighted to consummate this transaction with IQ Scan in order to deliver a world-class tracking solution for our customers,” says Michael Robicheaux, President/CEO of Fortress.

“We have been receiving requests for holistic tracking functionality, and iFortress powered by IQ Scan demonstrates that it can deliver solidly on that request.”

IQ Scan Technology is pleased to partner with Fortress to provide our system to iFortress

The asset tracking system has been proven in some of the most vigorous exploration and production environments, making it extremely valuable to the downhole tool market.

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How can IQ Scan Improve Your Asset Management?

The unique laser marking system is extremely universal and designed to withstand rigorous downhole environments and surface conditions found both onshore and offshore.

Universally Traceable Asset Code (UTAC)

The custom designed (UTAC) (pronounced You-Tac) or Universally
Traceable Asset Code along with company logo, are laser engraved directly onto each asset or onto a mountable stainless steel ID tag, allowing the management of assets more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

IQ Scan Technology Downhole Tool Fortress ifortress UTAC

manage assets anywhere

Our customers are able to manage assets anywhere with the easy-to-use mobile app and web-based dashboard. By simply scanning the UTAC, customers can annotate and manage all assets on their own smartphone or tablet, right in the field.

mobile access

Other added benefits include gaining mobile access to MTR documents, COC’s, operating procedures, technical units and even tool-specific instructional videos with a simple tap or click.

“The software and hardware technology behind IQ Scan gives iFortress the ability to provide their customers with up-todate usage information on their tools,” says Boisy Pitre, CTO of IQ Scan Technology.

“In combination with the Fortress justin-time consignment inventory system, users are no longer guessing about the efficiency of their tools and runs – they’re knowing.”

REVOLUTIONIZING the wireline market

With the iFortress system, the Fortress team has been focusing on the wireline market for pump-down work.

Wireline companies can track their setting tool runs, well number, plug type, power charge used, job result, tool ID number, and more.

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ifortress Custom solutions

Forms can be customized per customer and management can print historical data from their desk, eliminating manual forms and capturing more data.

iFortress’ deployment process is fast and easy.

The customer chooses the information they want to track, and the iFortress Implementation Team sets up custom forms with the requested list of actions.

IQ Scan Technology Downhole Tool Fortress ifortress

Time to redress a downhole tool?

Just tap on your smartphone or tablet, and you are prompted with your own customizable actions list for your specific asset profile.

Create customized forms to better manage field reports, calculate risk, analyze certain failure modes to reduce NPT, record GPS coordinates of deployment locations and track mobilization routes of each asset.

You can even track job type and customer specific data, continually, and output the information in your chosen format.

IQ Scan Technology Downhole Tool Fortress ifortress

iFortress’ technology-based, data-driven approach to durable asset management is both completely customizable and conveniently portable for deployment and can be used anywhere through our smartphone app.

Want to learn more?

Please check out the iFortress video on the home page of

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